I am Laura Brito. I currently live in Miami Beach, Florida, which has been my home town for more than a decade. Though Miami is my home, the birthplace and niche of my identity lies within the decaying yet vibrant streets of Havana, Cuba, where I was born and raised. A culture that will forever live in me, and that I express through dance. 


Through writing I have found a way to healing and reflection. So I have dedicated this page, to my own journey of rediscovery. I am happy to share my reflections and arts with readers, students and followers. I hope to be of inspiration to you, to seek your own camino (path). 


A turning point in my life was taking the road to Santiago de Compostela, more widely known as The St. James Way, or Camino de Santiago. The inspiration for the website came from the experience and the name of my blog, to seek a camino (path) within as well. 


I consider the Camino de Santiago, the trip of a lifetime, and the beginning of a journey. After much reflection, and a year’s time; tired of the life I was living and desirous of something greater, I decided to take a leap of faith, leave the comfort of the job I had in order to throw myself into a life lead by creativity. I have learned to surrender and truly enjoy the journey. This is the way to myself, the way within.

- Laurita Brito




I am a seeker traveling through life in search of my true purpose. I am on a quest to self empowerment and discovery. 


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