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Laurita Brito

Bellydance Performer and Instructor

Hi! I'm Laurita. I've been a professional bellydancer for years. From performing at family events to international festivals in the USA, my career so far has been full of rich cultural exchange.

"There was a time in my life when I wondered about my purpose and path, and I was asked a pivotal question by someone I look up to for advice... 'what is the one thing you can do well, and requires no thought?' I replied, 'dance'.

- Laurita Brito

Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 in-person or Zoom sessions designed to help you achieve your goals. From learning how to dance, to choreography feedback, and training for dancers who aspire to become profesional entertainers/performers.

Class Tutorials

Short on-demand 48-hour tutorial rentals.

These short videos are a great way to stretch your body, explore the movements, or just dance.

Show Bookings

Create a memorable experience at your event with a fun and elegant bellydance show. Explore my show options or design a package that fits your event and captivates your guests.

Laurita Brito Bellydance Miami

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