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Hello, I am Laurita!

Welcome to my page which, has been created by me with hard work, love, and dedication. 


I began my journey to self re-discovery in 2017, when I created this page to host my blog. Today, you will find that it hosts Seek Your Own Camino, the blog which started all.


My handmade jewelry collection, Dragonfly Spirit by Laurita; inspired by my life style and believes in color and crystal healing, 

...and my most recent addition to the website, is my life long passion and talent for dance and movement.


As I continue to grow, so does this space. Through my arts, you may find an invitation to incorporate creativity into your life, and to have and enjoy yourself.  


I am a seeker traveling through life in search of my true purpose. I am on a quest to self empowerment and discovery. 


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