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Tarot and Art - The Tower

Today’s draw was in the following order:

The tower

3 of cups

bottom of the deck: Queen of Pentacles

Below are the complimentary notes for each card meaning or, you may jump

straight to The Reading

The Tower Card in Tarot

The Tower is a Major Arcana card. Cards in the Major Arcana point out to the real important things in our lives. The Major Arcana is the fool’s journey through life.

Key words for The Tower:

An unexpected event/cahnge, upheaval, revelation, awakening/enlightment, chaos.

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot (gold foil),

We see a solid tower standing on a rather questionable foundation. It is built opun a cliff that shows no way in or out. However, this tower is suddenly struck by lightning, an unpresedented event, wich causes it’s top, shaped like a crown, to fall off. The building is in flames due to the unforseen event, and the people in it are seen jumping out in despertion. We can say the events forced them out of the structure.

The Tower symbolizes that an unpresendened event in our lives has caught us by surprise and may have thrown us in chaos or despair. It may literarly mean we are being forced out of our homes or jobs; as the two people are shown flying out of the tower, certainly not by choice but forced by circumstance. This also applies to those times when circumstances force us to leave a comfort zone. Whether physically or metaphorically, the Tower card brings sudden news of change and we must face it. It is a test, can you overcome it?

In this deck, you also see the top of the tower represented with a crown, this is the part that fallen off. As a result the light-ning, comes in through the top. It can also be interpreted as the light of source coming in through our crown chakra (knowledge/awakening), or perhaps only by humbling events, can we see the light of a situation again. The idea that of being thrown out of our comfort or our denial, in order to see the reality of things and to have the opportunity to grow.

What has happened to you lately that has thrown you into chaos or worry? What area(s) of your life are at a pivotal point and need change? What is the universe forcing you to let go of? Are you being forced out of a place, a state of mind or both?

Light Seer’s deck

There’s a tree, home to creatures in the forest, in this case, a squirrel is seen forced out of its hiding/safe place (out of home) because nature has happened. A lightning struck the tree and the squirrel came out to see what’s happened. But despite what at glance may seem bad, there is a glow of light surrounding the the area where lightning struck and there are even butterlfies. Butterflies are a symbolf of transformation. The Tower brings us precisely that, an opportunity to change, to transform, to let go of the shells that no longer serve us and to grow into a more evolved self.

What sudden events in your life have forced you to come out of your hiding place? How are you needing to transform?

Tarot of Dreams

In the Tarot of Dreams we see an opulent and very solid tower, in fact, it looks like a massive structure, a castle and in the middle of that is the tower; like the others, struck by lightning. Yet there is a ray of light separte to that of the lightning which, shines upon the structure. This could be an indication that, there is no ‘evil’ that does not come from good. Sometimes, we may be so caught into the daily flow of life, that we neglect to see other thigs happening within us or around us. When lightning suddenly strikes and breaks something, we are forced to look at it and tend to it. Sometimes we need these sudden events to bring us to awareness.

What needs your attention right now, that directly affects you, yet you weren’t aware of? Where you in denial?

Also, it is significant to noitice that in all 3 decks, only the top of the tower has blowm off, not all is lost, not all is to go to waist. It is an opportunity to rebuild; starting from scratch or not...may be up to you.

I like to think of it as, the bottom of the tower is all we’ve been through and learned, only the top needs rebuildng. The experiences we’ve had are still part of us and in someway are also part of the builidng blocks or foundations in which we continue to build upward.

The Three of Cups - as the second card drawn.

The three of cups symbolizes celebration, coming together, friendship. Some even refer to it as “finding your soul tribe.”

In the Rider-Waite Tarot depiction, we see three women raising up their cups in what seems like a gathering to celebrate. The scene around them shows green vegetation and plenty fruits.

Light Seer’s shows a similar image, but instead of raising cups, these women are holding each other as they watch the stars. The same expression of bonding but instead of celebrating together, they are holding each other together. The colors in this particuar card inspire me with a sensation of healing, serenity, knowing that i’ll be alrgith.

Tarot of Dreams' drawing is very straight forward, it shows 3 full cups and party masks. There is a celebration, and the three cups suggest company.

Bottom of the Deck: Queen of Pentacles

key words; nurturer, grounded, provider, maternal figure, emotinaly and financially stable, secure, safe…practical. Earthy.

The Reading

With the tower, you are being forced to come out of hiding and face yoru fears, if not literarly being forced by cicumstances to get out of your place of comfort. The universe is shaking things up in order for you to grow, pay attention at what this sudden and unforseen event has brought to light about a situaton, people around you or even yourself. Something wasn’t or isn’t working, but always remember that though you may not see it now, it all happems for the greater good.

The three of cups alongside the tower, remimds us that in those moments of chaos, we can rely on our loved ones. We are not alone, the universe alwyas sends us the necessary support to overcome the adversities. Perhaps the unforseen events will bring you closer to your ‘soul tirbe’, perhaps this is what you need to see who is really a part of your life and in what capacity.

With the queen of pentacles at the bottom of the deck, I beieve the universe is asking us to be compassionate and nurturing with ourselves, to be patient as we grow. Sometimes, we may not see how far we have come along because we are not yet where we want to be. This is an opportunity to show up for ourselves. Moat importantly an oppotunity to reconnect with ourselves, our essence. The Queen of Pentacles is reliable, independent, nurturing. Her energy is like the solid and safe embrace of a mother; be that for yourself. Seek out your friends, and spend time with them, is a way to nurture yourself as well.


Remember the purpose of Tarot and Art, is for us to learn the meaning of tarot cards by comparing different decks and the artistic interpretations of the cards. If the message resonates with you, take it, if not, leave it for someone else. Either way, we can all learm from the different meanings of the cards even when the reading itself does not resonate.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts. Also remember these notes are complimentary to the video on Instagram, in case you have not seen that one yet.

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