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Laura Laurita Brito Bellydance Miami

Laurita Brito

USA-based dance performer and teacher, specializing in Raqs Sharqi and other dance styles

My rich Caribbean background adds a unique touch of energy and joy to my classes and performances.

A captivating and charismatic dancer, Laura’s performances are known to be filled with elegance and sensuality. Beside performing in different venues around South Florida and making unforgettable memories at special events such as weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings, Laurita is also a thorough and comprehensive dance teacher and coach. From coaching aspiring performers to teaching beginners, as well as guiding women to build a better relationship with their bodies while building confidence through dance and movement. 
Laurita was born in Cuba, an island located in the Northern Caribbean Sea where music and dance are the soul of its people. This innate passion and ability for dance was always part of Laurita’s experience since childhood. For twenty years Laurita has studied the art of Raqs Sharqi, otherwise known as bellydance. She has also traveled to the Middle East to further enhance her knowledge of the dance by learning from its people. Prior to becoming a full time performer and dance teacher, Laurita earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Education, and she worked for many years in the education sector. 
The stage name Laurita, is an endearment term, meaning little Laura. Always being called Laurita by her family and close friends, Laura decided it would be suitable for a stage name because it preserved her real identity and rendered homage to both her cultural heritage and her youthful personality. As a performing artist, Laurita’s goals are to deliver unforgettable performances, and to connect with her audiences by transmitting profound emotion and joy. As a dance teacher, she hopes to encourage others to find joy in dance and to connect with their bodies and emotions through the art of dance. 

"When it was done, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it had been perfect all along. Nothing needed to change, everything had always been beautiful and perfect as it was."
Chasing the sun

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