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Who we were… who we are.

A gentle reminder of life, that I cannot erase my past, nor should I be ashamed of it. Regardless of what it may look like in comparison to where I stand now.

I was going through my account and deleting some posts. I find myself going back and through the grid of past posts choosing what I want to keep and what I want to discard, if I feel it does not resonate with the direction in which I want to set my page, it gets deleted. After several ocasiona of “cleaning through”, I have noticed that I lost the clarity of my purpose with this account (seek_your_own_camino). The account started as a blog to record my journey of self discovery. Then, I was including pictures of my travels, reflections and feelings that came as a result of the new and older experiences. Then inspiration took a turn and I found myself indulging in something new for myself. Creating jewelry. Still the purpose was the same, to remain always connected to my self… and to continue to pass on that gift to followers, readers, friends, and now shoppers.

Then I wanted my creations to be seen in their best light… and somehow, I was sidetracked. I became entangled in the social media competition of the best post imagery and appropriate time according to algorithms… and in stead of standing out, I became another post of the day.

I remember that when I posted pictures of the sunrise, I always received comments and requests to continue to share. Even if it seemed like the same everyday (it never was though), but I lived every minute of it and felt it to my core, and that’s what I was sharing!

Somehow, I lost that connection with myself. It is so easy to forget… and I find that every now and then I have to remind myself of it. I recognize that I cannot delete the posts that were significant, like those pictures when the sunrise was better than ever, or a bracelet I felt in love with after making it… or the pictures from China and Algeria. I love all my travel photos, they take me back. Perhaps, it is just a picture of something I really liked… myself… my friends…

So I decided that it all belongs in the page provided it was done with an open heart.

… besides, how could I not show all my phases and faces. I’m not only the blogger, or the artisan, or the traveler… I’m all of that and more.

By the way, these pictures are from a new sunrise, taken April 10, 2022… no cheating! Hahaha.

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