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How do I do it...

Often times I am asked, how is it that I get to travel so often? “What’s the secret, what do you do?” 

While I assume the latter question is in reference to finances and what kind of job I hold, I decided to answer it in a more inspirational manner. After all, if you didn’t know, that is the idea of my blog, to inspire and motivate. Which is why I titled it, Seek Your Own Camino; which translates to, seek your own path.My blog is not a travel blog, but one that attempts to motivate and inspire people to seek for their own purpose and happiness. Still the question remains, 

How do I do it? 

So instead of telling what I do for a living, I am telling how I get to travel so much. The answer is, (drumroll) with INTENTION. Setting my intention into what I want to do. You have for sure heard of mind over matter. I promise it is not just some BS phrase to be used sarcastically. I encourage you to try it. The thing is, when I focus my mind into the goal I want to achieve, automatically and even unconsciously,I turn my energy into that. It becomes a constant thought in my mind. It becomes a constant topic of conversation with my friends. While I am relaxing in bed, I start to visualize myself in that place. So that every step I take, is projecting my energy towards the accomplishment of that goal. As opposed to waisting energy coming up with excuses why I should hold off on it. Excuses are just a translation of fear. Fear of not being able to accomplish the goal. 

Oh well I can’t do that because of my job.

Oh I’m not good saving money.

I can’t do that because I have a family. 

I can’t do that because I’m in debt. 

I can’t do it now, but may be some day, or after I get all these other things accomplished. 

I myself followed several travel blogs and always wondered how they did it. I never dared to ask; at the time I was working a standard office job however, that did give me vacation time. But I wanted more. My job was not holding me back. In fact nothing was. I made up the excuses myself. I would only see that others could do it because they had some magical circumstances that were different to my own. The reality is that, even if I had found out what they were doing, it didn’t mean that it would work out for me. So I had to start figuring out within my circumstances and means, how I could do the things I wanted to do. 

And guess what?

I started to plan my trips ahead because I knew my vacation time. Then at one point for different reasons, I found myself quitting my office job. I thought for sure I would not be able to travel as often anymore because I feared I would not have a steady income. It turned out I traveled more because I have more time. Is because I made traveling a lifestyle, a priority. My intention was set, and somehow the universe supported me in it. Traveling was no longer seen as some far to reach thing, but a normal aspect of my life. When I think of it, I think of it the same as going to the gym; I have to do it. Because I prioritize it, I make it happen. 

The problem lies in a scary fact. Most of us don’t prioritize our happiness. The best way I can explain this is by quoting a good friend of mine. She said to me once, “if when I have back pain, I have to go to work; then I can go dancing with back pain.” It made all the sense in the world to me. I thought, woah! It is so simple minded and wise at the same time! Why is it that most of us prioritize our duties and forget to make our happiness and well being one of them? That is the key to setting intention, you already have done it, you know how to do it. The only question lies in, what is the intention you are setting, exactly? 

At one point I was focusing on the wrong things, money, bills, keeping a job…etc. Instead of focusing on doing what makes me happy. Once you set an intention, the universe will support you on it. 

Set your intention. Have the courage to let go of fears and worries and surrender. After all a true adventure is not at the peak of a mountain or down a rapid. A true adventure is stepping into the unknown without expectations and savoring every minute of it. The same way you give up control once you jump on a rollercoaster. You have to dare!

You can continue to forever experience pictures and videos, or you could instead experience it yourself! 


I am a seeker traveling through life in search of my true purpose. I am on a quest to self empowerment and discovery. 


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