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I've always known that what I find to be the most difficult times are but an opportunity for growth. Easily said of course once the storm has passed. Just when I think I've got the skills, the universe throws a curve ball to test all I've got. Sometimes, the lessons come from a seemingly small situation that can later prove to be a lot more self work than I thought.

Perhaps this may be my shortest post yet. I will not share a lengthy story of how these thoughts came to mind because it is not important. What is important is the result. I warn you, these may seem abstract. Don't worry; if you get it, great! If you don't, get back to it another time.

Let me just add that these thoughts reflect only some of the many things I've learned during times of COVID; that seem to sometimes, bring out the worse in many of us. They are a result of observations of myself, others, and our interactions.

Learn about your own boundaries, where yours end another’s space begins.

When I overstep boundaries, my space remains vulnerable to another’s intrusion.

If I disrespect someone, I disrespect myself; showing the lowly side of me.

When I hurt someone, I hurt myself. I hurt my oppirtunity to grow and becoem my greater self.

When I fight, I expose myself to new wounds.

When I justify my actions, I am dounting myself.

When I remain at peace within, admist the chaos… it vanishes.

My heart becomes forever youthful and my soul imortal.

Remaining at peace however is not staying away, that would be too easy.

The mission is not to hide, but to spread the light where it is dark.

…If you are ready and you can find the courge to face your own darkness and be the beacon of light.

Rise above the mud without judging where you came from.

Rise without judging those whose growth is stunt.

Let them find hope when they stare at your beauty.

Show kindness to their envy, cure the pain with a gentle touch.

Replace the negative thoughts with thoughts of love, for that is the true message of God.


I am a seeker traveling through life in search of my true purpose. I am on a quest to self empowerment and discovery. 


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