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Laurita Brito

Bellydance Performer and Instructor

Hi! I'm Laurita. I've been a professional bellydancer since 2012. From performing at family events to international festivals in the USA, my career so far has been full of rich cultural exchange.

“It was a turning point in my life when my mentor once asked me: 'What are you good at? What is something you could do without thinking about it and do it well?' I immediately jumped to dance, and then she looked at me and said: 'There you go.' It was there and then that I understood that my life’s purpose was to build my career around what I was passionate about –dance.”

- Laurita Brito

Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 in-person or Zoom sessions designed to help you achieve your goals as a soloist dancer or stage performer. Ideal for competition training or group choreography feedback.

Laura Brito Bellydance Miami

Class Tutorials

Short on-demand 48-hour tutorial rentals.

These short videos are a great way to stretch your body, explore the movements, or just dance.

Show Bookings

Create a memorable experience at your event with a fun and elegant bellydance show. Explore my show options or design a package that fits your event and captivates your guests.

Laurita Brito Bellydance Miami

Let's Get Social

I enjoy keeping my community posted on upcoming presentations, dance events, and day to day adventures. Follow any of my social media channels or visit my blog to learn more about me.

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