I am Laura Brito. I currently live in Miami Beach, Florida, which has been my home town for more than a decade. Though Miami is my home, the birthplace and niche of my identity lies within the decaying yet vibrant streets of Havana, Cuba, where I was born and raised. A culture that will forever live in me.


Through writing I have found a way to healing and reflection. This page began as a blog dedicated to my own journey of rediscovery. As I have grown and found my path, my page has also evolved and continues to do so, as I do so myself. It is now the place to showcase all my outlets of self expression.

My blog, Seek Your Own Camino, a way to document and share my adventures and misadventures...my precious experiences.

Dragonfly Spirit by Laurita

materializes and reflects the beautiful results of my journey.


- Laurita Brito




I am a seeker traveling through life in search of my true purpose. I am on a quest to self empowerment and discovery. 


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An adventure of a lifetime in La Patagonia, Argentina. A gret hiking expedition of two weeks.